The most beautiful attols in Maldives

28 January 2022
The most beautiful attols in Maldives

Pristine nature, feet immersed in white sand, clear water, and luxurious villas are some of the few words that perfectly describe this paradise on earth.

The Maldives is one of the places you must visit (especially because of the potential for the islands to disappear over the next 80 years due to rising sea levels). With our special rates, you can enjoy your holiday with a discount of up to 30 - 35% for airline staff. We have prepared this article to introduce you to some of the wonderful places to visit in the Maldives.

Baa atoll

Take advantage of the discounted accommodation for airline crew at Dhigufaru Island resort in this area. The resort is located on a stunning Maldivian island that is surrounded by perfect white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons. Rooms in the villas are located along the perimeter of the island, allowing you to experience the distinctive natural features that make Dhigufaru Island so special.
Baa atoll

Meemu atoll

Meemu spans such a wide diameter that you can't see the other side. What stands out here is not only the clear seascape, but also the soundscape. All the outlying parts of the atolls are characterized by a constant stream of rolling waves. They are tamed by the atoll reefs and this makes the interior of the atoll calm. In some resorts, the constant sound of the water creates a soothing soundscape of the island.
Meemu atoll
Medhufushi Island Resort is one of two resorts on the beautiful Meemu Atoll and is an oasis of peace and relaxation. You can choose from three types of accommodation: The beach villas, The Semi-detached beach villas and The Water Villas. The beach villas are set upon the powdery white sand and surrounded by lush vegetation such as hibiscus and sea cabbage for extra privacy.

Raa atoll

Raa Atoll, also known as North Maalhosmadulu, is one of the northernmost and most visited Maldivian atolls. The island has suitable conditions for coral and fish growth. Due to its unique topographical and geological aspects, Raa Atoll is rich and diverse in marine life. Here you can enjoy diving, water sports, and excursions. There are a number of deserted islands for you to explore and this will make your holiday a unique experience.
Raa atoll
Choose luxury accommodation at Heritance Aarah Resort and Furaveri Maldives Resort. The resorts offer different types of accommodation such as Intimate Luxury Duplex Ocean Suites,Ocean Villas and Land Villas. Every experience at the resort is curated to captivate and reflect the serene uniqueness of the Maldives; it‘s immersive indulgence personified.
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