Swap a city life for a barefoot informality

28 March 2021

There’s no need to jump on a long-haul flight to sink your toes into white sand and listen to the sound of nature. Maldives are a perfect choice for airline employees residing in the UAE to leave the noise, traffic and honking behind and recover their peace of mind. Only 4-hour flight from Dubai International Airport (we recommend the one at 2:40am, so you can set your foot on MLE by 7am) flies you comfortably to the capital. We are here to guarantee our customers an escape to a tropical island in one single package with discounted rates. Free from time, free from pressure. It’s the right time to let go and simply be.

An ocean of wonders keeps a treasure right under its surface

Experienced divers come to Maldives in order to have one of their best time spent in underwater life. There is countless number of fishes living in this part of Indian ocean. Among these are Butterfly fish, barracuda, angelfish, clownfish, spot fin lionfish, green sea turtle, parrotfish, reef manta ray, whitetip reef shark, nurse shark, dolphins.

It’s only up to you whether you want to comfortably snorkel in between harmless nurse sharks or go deeper and see the unique colours of marine life.

We are proud to say that resorts which crewmaldives closely work with, have employed PADI instructors and marine biologists. So even if you don’t hold any of the PADI certificates, the scuba diving instructors will prepare you for practical a theoretical part of the exams in one of the most on-demand-waters the world can offer. Maldives islands belong to UNESCO-protected biosphere. This blues on blues ocean hides approximately 80% of all life on earth under the surface.

The clarity and temperature of the water make it one of the best snorkelling destinations in the world. It is very easy to see shoals of colourful reef fish just metres from the shore. Eco-adventures such as snorkelling with a marine biologist are becoming popular.

If you’re a fan of big fishes like sharks and dolphins, then you must try swimming with nurse sharks. This is done with a snorkel and goggles and it is ideal for travellers who free dive without cylinders. Nurse sharks are docile and gentle animals and therefore they are called “gentle giants”. Also a chance to swim with the largest fish in the ocean; the magnificent whale shark, is possible on Maldives during your holiday.

Very curious and harmless manta rays usually swim around divers and create an unforgettable experience. A trip from the resort can be organised to go on the boat and feed manta rays to get a close look at these unique ocean animals.

We hit the sweet spot between indulgence and affordability

Maldives open their door to all types of travellers. Gone are the days when these beautiful islands and atolls were targeting newly-weds for their honeymoon getaway. More often Maldives welcome solo travellers of all ages. Through the word of mouth and mainly thanks to many travel influencers Maldives are famous for a perfect balance between a relaxing holiday and adventurous activities. Trust our professional team from crewmaldives and they assist you with finding an island which suits your preferences and budget. Either alone or with friends, one can experience some of the finest sand on the planet, tranquillity of island life, five-star PADI diving centres and memories that last forever. Don’t wait for the future to happen, create it. An invitation for those who require secluded rejuvenation and go barefoot throughout their stay.
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