What Maldives Have to Offer

03 March 2021

We are pleased to take you on a tour of nearly 1200 small islands and atolls in Indian Ocean. As Maldivians say, they live in a wreath interwoven with precious gems, for the name Maldives, its meaning is “Garland of Islands”. Your holiday on Maldives means an entry to a still existing paradise on Earth.

Who We Are

Our professionals from Crewmaldives are experienced staff in tourism industry who are available to your queries 24/7 and are happy to assist you with finding a perfect place for your well-deserved vacation. Our job is to sign contracts with best hotels, world well known resorts and offer all airline employees unbeatable prices. If you are looking for a travel agency that accepts your airline ID, have a look at our prestigious holiday getaways and avail a discounted rate like nowhere before. We are here to deliver the most interesting and unique experiences to our customers.

Quick Facts About Maldives

Here are some interesting facts about this unique group of islands. Maldives atolls stretch to 871km from north to south and 130km from east to west. As of today, they consist of 1194 islands. Tourism started to be built in early 1970’, after building the Male International Airport in 1966. The credit was given to President Nasir, who initiated the modernisation of nearly unknown Maldives and opening them up to the rest of the world.
Have you heard of the highest point in Maldives? Mount Ayada is the highest point and reaches only up to 2.5m above sea level.

Fly Me There

Did you know that there are over 20 direct flights to the capital of Male? That’s right! You can reach Maldives directly from Asia, Russia, Europe, UK and Middle East. The world’s biggest airlines operate their flights regularly to Male several times a week, some middle eastern more than twice a day.

The high number of small islands might sound confusing and hard to choose from, but we guarantee you that with our help you will enjoy once in a lifetime experience. Without a hassle of browsing the internet for hours. Without hidden fees and unpleasant surprises. We work continuously to negotiate deals with our partner hotels in order to save you extra money once you have paid for your holiday.

What Maldives Have to Offer

We know that everyone has a different taste if it comes to spending their days off in an exotic country. There are those adventurous souls who like to wander around the undiscovered areas, doing all kind of sports and activities. Snorkelling and diving rate highest in popularity. Maldives islands hide absolutely unique underwater world. For certified PADI holders, scuba diving means submerging into extraordinary coral sea world and underwater caves of Indian ocean. Maldives are one of the top diving estuaries worldwide. In the midst of the Indian Ocean the variety of fish and sea animals is just boundless. It is also a perfect spot for wreck diving. Within the past 20 years corals have seized the wreck as a new living environment. Fish are dwelling in the interior and for divers the lost trawler has become the most attractive object.

Cruising through the island world on a yacht

The Maldives is a really unique region, there’s any comparable area on this planet. We are inside a system of atolls and therefore protected from the currents I the open sea. Something special in the Maldives is also that the nautical charts are based on information that dates back to 1935, so they’re not really up to date. Therefore many things you see in the charts do not correlate with reality and thus in navigation Captain has to be very alert to details operating in this area. Where could relaxing feel better than on the sundeck of a yacht that carries you in with a gentle breeze to the next highlight of your vacation.

So many shades of blue, it’s absolutely stunning

Don’t feel in rush while on holiday! Many people expect a 100% relax achieved when they take off from work. We guarantee you that Maldives never disappoint anyone who seeks rejuvenation. Let your pace adjust to the slow speed of an island life. Start with sipping on a refreshing drink on the deck of your overwater villa watching the reflection of the Sun in the turquoise sea. Overwater villas are built on stilts, some stretch out very far into lagoon. Or swinging in a hammock at your beach bungalow if you prefer to live on land. The beach is never far away on the foot. Typical tropical beach escape or a trip to exotic eco system untouched by tourism is what holiday in Maldives has to offer.

Choose your board

Either you prefer to be out and about and opt for a half board package, or pamper in sumptuous facilities of our resorts and have food and drinks anytime at your convenience, we are experts in customizing your standard of living on Maldives. Having your floating breakfast served in your private pool in the morning and indulge in spa treatments in the afternoon, knowing your fridge and minibar will be replenished while taking a bicycle ride through the island. We have made the best offers for an airline crew as well as ground staff and office employees. All we need is your valid staff ID at the time of your online reservation. The wide selection of island resorts offer all inclusive packages especially for visitors working in an airline industry.

Maldivian Cuisine and Much More

Each resort’s speciality is fish and seafood, which is very popular in the Maldivian cuisine. But you can also learn about various influences from other regions around Maldives, especially India and Sri Lanka. There are head chefs from all around the world creating dishes to soothe appetite of the wide variety of guests. The Art of Asian and western cooking is equally sophisticated. When we asked our happy customers what food did they enjoy the most, they said that except of delicious and fresh seafood, they had tasted one of the best pizza, paella, ice cream and even burgers. It’s a little piece of land, far from home, yet close to one’s taste. And in case you have a surplus of calories you can immediately get rid of it through physical activities from scuba diving to parasailing, paddle boarding or kayaking. All kinds of sports are offered to fill your leisure time. Early in the morning, before sunrise, some people are out there on the sea. Fishermen in their so called “dhonis”, tourists kayaking just for their pleasure.

When is The Best Time?

When is the best time to visit Maldives? We at crewmaldives believe that any time during the year is a good time to travel. However the dry season starts in May and lasts up till November. The wet season is then from December until April. Understanding wet season in Maldives is quite important, because even during this time the flights to Maldives are full of passengers. Wet season has typical heavy clouds early in the morning which often cause rain, but not every day. It is usually a 10-minute stormy weather until the clouds dissipate for the rest of the day. The Sun will be still very strong and so we recommend to always carry SPF 50 and above sun protection product with you. It might turn out to be the most important item in your belongings. It is important to remember the essentials while packing for your trip, as the islands don’t offer many shopping opportunities. Changing money at the airport is not recommended, as most resorts don’t require cash and use US dollars or euros as their currency. It is important to mention that every island has its own island doctor.

We Will Make Sure You Arrive Safe

When your international airline arrives at Male (surprisingly vibrant capital only 4 hour flight from DXB), you will be picked up from the airport by boat or by an island or a water plane. Water planes fly during the day and during a good visibility only, because the landing runway on the water isn’t illuminated. We want to emphasize that the transport fees are always included in the price we offer to our customers. These are special rates for all airline employees.

Live of the natives

92 islands are purely for tourism, all the others are uninhabited or just for the natives. At first sight it appears as a peaceful and rather uncomplicated world. Hard to believe, but more than 80% of the 280 000 Maldivians have never left their island or atoll. Fishing is their bread and butter and it is the main job of the local men. Tuna is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Coconut palms are the most important plant in the Maldives and coconuts are the livelihood for the people of islands. Large coconut plantations export coconuts to the capital Male and from there they are sold to holiday resorts. Traditional Maldivian sailboats, known as dhoni, were built using coconut timber.
There are many coral houses built by the local people, for corals are the traditional building material. All houses used to be built with corals. A weather resistant, cost-saving and dense material which is easily found on the doorstep. Nevertheless due to protection of corals, this building technique is not allowed anymore. Nowadays the Maldivians use brick or concrete for construction.
Nowadays Islam is a state religion but hardly to feel it in everyday life. Only very few women are wearing a veil for example.

Allow us to discover a gorgeous region of a dream come true islands. A holiday with crewmaldives is definitely a trip to paradise.

Pictures displayed on our website are for illustration purposes and variations may occur based on resorts availability.
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