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Maldives is a republic, governed by a democratically elected government for a five-year term. Unicameral parliament is also elected every five years, while courts enjoy full autonomy from the executive and legislature.


Constitution dictates that every Maldivian should be a Muslim. However, Maldivians are welcoming of visitors of all religions. Public practice of a religion other than Islam is prohibited.


Dhivehi is the native language. However, English is widely taught and used.


Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) is a non- convertible currency only available in the Maldives. US dollars are acceptable legal currency, pegged at USD 1.00 = MVR 15.42. All major credit cards and currency notes such as Euro and Sterling Pounds are also accepted.


Five hours ahead of GMT. (GMT+S)


Tourists of all nationalities are granted 30-day visit visa on arrival. People visiting for other reasons, especially as journalists and photographers, should apply for respective visas in advance:


Tourists are prohibited from bringing in these items: alcohol, chemicals, dogs, idols for worship, gun powder and explosives, live plants and animals, medicines or steroids, materials contrary to Islam, narcotics and psychotropic substances, pork and pork products, pornographic materials, spear guns, and firearms and ammunition.


Banknotes and travelers’ cheques can be exchanged at the Velana International Airport and at foreign exchange bureau in Malé. Credit cards are accepted.


+ 960, followed by the local number.


Prepaid SIM cards are available from two mobile network shops at the airport. They can be used for local and international calls as well as data.


Tourist establishments have WiFi access, usually for free.


230 volts UK style power plugs type G


Ambulance 102
Coast Guard 191
Fire 118
Police 119


Some resorts have resident doctors and nurses. Country’s main public hospital, Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) is located in the capital city. Private hospitals, ADK Hospital located in Malé and Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumalé, provide the best available healthcare in the country. Each atoll has one hospital quipped with facilities for emergency treatment and minor surgeries. All islands have Health Centers with at least one general physician. There are pharmacies in all inhabited islands.


Only permitted for foreigners in resorts or on liveaboard vessels. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any inhabited island even for guests staying in a guesthouse or hotel.


Because of the tropical climate, clothes of cotton material are recommended. Tourists should respect local culture and dress modestly when visiting, or staying on, an inhabited island. Sandals are ideal, as you will often want to slip them off and go barefoot.


Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 12 percent is levied on accommodation, restaurant and bar bills from tourist establishments. A Green Tax of USD 6.00 per person per day is levied on guests staying at resorts, hotels and liveaboards. For those staying in guesthouses, the Green Tax is USD 3.00 per person per day. A departure tax of USD 25 for tourists above the age of two is included in the airline ticket price. By booking a holiday package with Crew Maldives Holidays, all above taxes are already included in your price, except for additional consumptions and personal expenses done by you in the resort.


A service charge of 10 percent is added to restaurant bills. An extra five percent in cash given to the main server is appreciated but not expected. Housekeeping staff could be rewarded with USD 5 per day per guest, and porters with USD 5 on arrival and departure.

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